Monday, July 31, 2006

Last week in Raleigh

Five years's my last week in Raleigh.

I feel very very torn. I talked to Kristie for a while yesterday and it helped (look, people leave and go on to live healthy and normal lives!). I'll miss this place like crazy - these people, this city, my life here. It's great and it's glorious and God blessed me SOOOOOOO much here - He sought me out, and I have this amazing community of friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ. But...I know that there are plans for me that involve tearing myself away from this place I love. I sincerely believe it is the will of God for me to go, now. I'm just leaving a lot behind, and trusting that God really does have the best in mind for me, and that He will abundantly bless me where ever I go.

I'm working on finding a church in New Haven...that's the biggie that's totally unsettled. I've got the list down to a few, but I am also hoping to find some places to check out once I'm there. I'm really into churches that realize that they are not a building, but the Body of Christ, and the people who serve really are the church. Not the easiest thing to ID from afar.

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