Friday, June 30, 2006

Content at Home

So I decided this afternoon what I really needed was a weekend with my mama, and since I can't decide to do that on a whim but a little while longer, I headed on home.

We went to the fair in Faith with the little people. They had a BLAST. Little kids are so amazing. This is my Meranda (the redheaded girl), my Shelby (the blonde girl), and my nephew Hunter.

When Hunter said, "Kristy!" as soon as he saw me get out of the car, it made the whole drive home worth it.

BBQ, Cheerwine, and fun with family. These are the glorious things New Haven will lack...though I'm sure it will be filled with amazing things that I can't find here.

Clearing on out

Engineering a Recombinase-Inducible T-Lymphocyte Line
May someone else finish you.

So, my project is dead. Yeah, the one with the glowing red (RFP). My construct works but the transfection is having issues and I won't be around long enough to see it through.

I threw out all the RNA and DNA made from all the cell lines we know are duds this AM. It was much harder than I thought it would be.

So I'm doing a different project for the next few weeks, and that's pretty exciting, but it's still sort of hard. At least:

1. It's not my grad school project.
2. My hope is not here.

Jesus doesn't keep a scorecard of science projects. Hallelujah.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sometimes these things just pop up...

So among my favorite verses - ever - is this:

I will gladly spend and be expended for your souls. If I love you the more, am I to be loved the less?

- 2 Corinthians 12:15 (NASB)

No particular reason why today, but it's just on my heart. There's never a Biblical reason to hold some of ourselves back for ourselves, rather, pour it on out there. Eternally, we will never be loved the less.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Worth trying again...

So posting about all my interviews didn't work out so great.

Turns out in the end, got into Yale, Penn, Baylor, and Duke, and decided to (well, God told me to) go to Yale.

But I really do need to get better at this so I can share my life in New Haven with my beloved Grace and Wolfpack family in Raleigh. Cause ya'll rock my world.

The transition is starting to be very real...I'm realizing I'm...

an adult.

Yes, an adult. As in, I bought a bed and was excited that Hecht's had sheets on sale. It's no longer odd that my friends are getting married and having kids. And the scariest part of this realization is

We are largely already who we are going to be.

I'm NOT saying that people don't change. After all, "And I am sure that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on that day when Christ Jesus comes back again (Phillipians 1:6, NLT)." And Paul knows his stuff. It's just that since I was a little girl I had these ideas about what I'd do and who I'd be and the time for those things is upon us. I always thought I'd enjoy going to see plays when I grew up. Why not start this weekend finding something to go to? I always thought I'd read a lot and be very thoughtful. Hum...what was the last thing I read for the sake of reading?