Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I really like art.

I think most people don't realize this, but I really dig art. Especially modern art.

My love affair with art started in June 1999, when I was in Scotland and saw Van Gogh's Olive Trees: Bright Blue Sky. This crummy online picture doesn't even start to do it justice.

What got me was the color, and the brushstrokes. Oh, the brushstrokes. I think I would love the painting even if I had only seen two square inches of it. There's texture and there's life and...oh. Beauty.

But really, these days, that's not the art that gets me going. Don't get me wrong - making it to MOMA to see the Van Gogh's was very important to me when I was in NYC back in February. Van Goghs still take my breath away, and I nearly wept at my first sight of Starry Night. I walk into a room and they call me, draw me in.

Conceptually, though, more modern art is what actually gets me firing on all cylinders.

I've started to develop quite a love of photography. Albelardo Morell does really cool camera obscura work. I adore one of the photos under "recent work" - 'Hourglass 2004".

At a mere $2500 for a print, I think I'll be enjoying it online for a while.

More later on the stranger stuff...

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