Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My grandma is amazing

Things my beloved Maw Maw Sadie has said this week -

"You know, a girl could go out without clothes on as long as she had good shoes and a nice handbag."

"If God wants me to have a third husband, He's going to have to really just put him in my lap. I don't want to bury a third one, mind you, but I'd really like a good Christian man for companionship. Someone who would want to go to church and serve the church and serve the Lord and pray. I would like a man like that." My reply? "I'm 24, you're 70, and I think we pretty much have the same problem."

"Every night I pray that God's will be done. There's no sense in askin' for anything else."

And her all time classic -

"As long as you have your Bible and your rolling pin, it's going to be okay."

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