Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mom and the bunny

So the day before I moved up here, I was at my parents house. I wake up to my mom, very upset, yelling "one of the bunnies is gone!".

Bryson and Melissa have bunnies that are still (for some unknown reason) at my parent's house.

They started out with two bunnies, and were told they were both girls.

We now have eight bunnies. You do the math. :)

The bunnies actually nearly had two litters...but my mom would find the little ones dead (or worse). So when these were born, my mama moved them inside for a while and took care of them.

She is attached to these bunnies.

One morning one of the girls (we finally learned to sex them, ha!) gnawed a hole in the cage and lept four feet to the ground. My mom noticed she was missing when she went out to feed them.

We looked under the big deck closest to the bunny cage, no bunny. We saw a giant wild bunny across the yard, but it clearly was not the bunny we lost. I checked the garden because that's where Peter Rabbit went. No luck.

As we were giving up in despair, my dad notices something move under the little porch stairs to the kitchen door.

Bingo. Bunny.

But of course, the bunny was waaay too far underneath the porch to be reachable by human hands. Since we've seen many a cartoon, Mom lured the bunny out with...

a carrot.

Mom was very happy that the bunny was safe.

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Anonymous said...

That is such a wonderful story!!! It's like a story-time story. :)

Sarah A.